Economy of Turkey

Economy of Turkey

Economy of Turkey

Turkey's economy - what does the country live on, besides Tourism?!

Many of us are used to thinking that Turkey is a country that lives solely on tourism, that the notorious all inclusive is the main source of income, and the only source from which the state treasury receives money.

And this is one of the main stereotypes, which, at times, is not so easy to eradicate.

Let's see, this is what the country really lives for. And is it really "everything will go to waste" if the tourist flow decreases


Foreign tourists - hope and support

It is impossible to deny the fact that tourism brings the lion's share to the state treasury of Turkey. But again, this figure hardly exceeds the 50% mark.

Moreover, tourism is actively developing not only on the Mediterranean coast. The Aegean side, Istanbul, and, surprisingly, the east (about which everyone claims that it is not safe there) are very popular with vacationers. But if you go to Cappadocia, Mardin, Gaziantep, then there you can meet groups of tourists from Europe, China, Korea and other countries. So, as they say, not the CIS alone, Turkey is full.

And Turkey ranks second in Europe in terms of the number of thermal springs with healing water. And this is not only Pamukkale, familiar to everyone. There are thermal health resorts in Afyon, Bursa and other cities of the Southern Republic.

By the way, Turkey is one of the five most popular holiday destinations in the world.

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