Property buying procedures - Turkey

Property Buying procedures

Property Buying procedures

Having planned the purchase of real estate abroad, the buyer begins to think about quite legitimate questions regarding the features and peculiarities of the procedures for acquiring property, the country's legislation, associated costs, and risks.
If you decide to buy a home in Turkey, it is recommended to use the services of specialized real estate agencies operating in the Turkish market. The specialists of such companies carefully study all the nuances of the process of acquiring real estate in the Republic of Turkey, considering any issues within the framework of local legislation and selecting the best objects for clients, according to their wishes for the situation and the size of the budget.

Buying an apartment in Turkey - what the buyer needs to know

1.    Buying Turkish property by foreigners and Turkish law
2.    Choosing a real estate agency and apartments
3.    The main stages of buying property in Turkey
4.    Conclusion of an agreement between the buyer and the seller
5.    Collection of documents for registration of sale and purchase
6.    Foreign currency exchange to Turkish Lira
7.    Re-registration of ownership
Nowadays  the buyer can purchase apartments in Turkey in a completely remote mode. For this, specialized agencies provide virtual tour services, where the objects you like are shown online. If you want to come to Turkey and see everything with your own eyes, feel free to hit the road.


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