TAX in Turkey

Tax in Turkey

Tax in Turkey

Types of property taxes in Turkey for foreigners

Buying apartments in the Republic of Turkey is available to any foreign citizen. At the same time, taxation for local residents and foreigners is almost the same. In addition, Turkey is one of the few powers that maintain relatively low tax rates. For example, in Italy, Spain or France, taxes for owners are much more expensive.

A loyal and comfortable taxation system affects the investment attractiveness of square meters and attracts more and more foreign buyers to the eastern state.
Turkish Property Registration Tax
The tax when buying an apartment in Turkey (Tapu Devir Vergisi) is 4% of the value of the property indicated in the certificate of ownership. The amount is paid when issuing Tapu.

Initially, it was planned to divide the state duty for registration of real estate equally between the buyer and the seller. But in fact, the payment of the registration fee falls entirely on the shoulders of the investor.

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